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Haven MicroClimate

Optimize your farrowing environment with the push of a button.

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The Haven is the biggest advancement in the world of farrowing technology since the heat lamp. This innovative system uses a reflective heat shield mounted above a heating element and surrounded by curtains to create a uniform and nurturing environment for newborn piglets.

The result, as multiple independent studies confirm: 20% reduction in pre-wean mortality and 50% less energy use. That’s why Haven is used and trusted by high-value producers, researchers, and genetics companies.

Available in two configurations.

Haven with Control

  • Multifunction displays
  • Current heat temp under the shield
  • Heating icon or idle status
  • Easy recovery from power loss
  • Automatically senses the temperature under the shield
  • Maintains an ideal temperature
  • 28-day cycle with predetermined temperature control

Haven without Control

  • Designed for room controller-equipped barns
  • Custom temperature ramp
  • Adaptable to your protocol
  • Plug in and go
  • Consistent power on each unit 

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