DownFire Heating Product

Zero-Maintenance Design

Cost-Effective Heat

Perfect for Small Spaces

Two Mounting Options

Durable Materials

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Cost-effective heating that's more consistent than traditional heat lamps.


The DownFire is a unique overhead farrowing heating solution for pork producers of all sizes. One DownFire unit provides enough even, comfortable heat for an entire piglet litter while keeping energy usage low.

In contrast to high-maintenance heat lamps, the DownFire doesn’t require a single bulb change throughout its lifetime. That means a significantly lower cost to own and fewer man-hours needed for maintenance.

The DownFire is made for all farrowing environments. Its lightweight yet durable housing is perfect for tight rooms and easy to clean. The top is insulated, preventing heat escape and ensuring safe handling.

Two mounting options are available: Hang the DownFire from existing chains in your farrowing rooms, or mount it on the stall with its height-adjustable arms.

Compatible with all major control systems. Custom temperature curves available upon request.

DownFire Heating

  • Safe and easy handling
  • Even, effective heat
  • Integrates into existing systems

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