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Our Technology

Building the future of animal production.

Bring your barn into the digital age
with practical solutions.


Holistic health

The FarrPro Unified Production System

Every innovation we create is designed to address one of the five key factors in raising high-quality animals, while also being affordable and durable enough for commercial production.

The goal: A complete animal health ecosystem that supports healthy herds while also boosting your efficiency.

A graphic of the UPDATED connected barn with FarrPro technology utilized throughout

UnifIed Production System

Solutions and Outcomes

We’re creating new approaches to animal health and precision livestock farming that improve herds, reduce disease and cut energy use.

Give your animals a great place to grow

Our microclimate solutions keep your piglets at the perfect temperature, whether your operation is built for indirect, mat or overhead heating.

  • Produce more viable piglets
  • Cut energy usage with targeted heat
  • American made and built to last
Pigs in an animal shelter

Raise healthier, happier pigs

Our microclimate and data solutions minimize stress and illness within your herd, resulting in higher quality animals and lower veterinary bills.

  • Produce more pigs per litter
  • Cut antibiotic usage
  • Improve sow milk quality and production
A father and daughter team works on a tablet in a pig enclosure

Understand your herd on a deeper level

Our Sentry tracking platform gives you animal-level data with the tap of a tablet screen. Treat your pigs and make operational changes based on data, not observation.

  • Identify illness before you can see it
  • Improve food chain traceability
  • Access your herd data anytime, anywhere
A young farmer uses a tablet in his barn