Podcast: Amos Petersen, Bill Winkelman talk innovation on the Real P3 Podcast

The FarrPro leaders talk about the role of technology and innovation in the modern pork production industry

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FarrPro founder Amos Petersen and Chief Operating Officer Bill Winkelman were recently interviewed as part of the Real P3 podcast by Dr. Casey Bradley on the topic of microenvironments and innovation for piglets.

The Real P3 · Microenvironments and innovation for piglets with Farrpro

The Real P3 podcast, produced by Pig Progress, features pork professionals from around the globe, who share their thoughts and insights on the challenges of farming and production with host Dr. Bradley, a Pig Progress columnist and noted swine nutritionist.

FarrPro has developed a number of innovative solutions for creating healthier animal environments, including its flagship Haven MicroClimate product, which uses a reflective heat shield to create a uniform and nurturing environment for newborn piglets.

The company, based in Iowa, also produces a highly durable graphene heating mat, called NanoMat, and a DownFire Heating platform that drastically reduces required maintenance.

Hear Amos discuss how the FarrPro team is driving innovation in the pork industry, and Bill explain how the current labor challenges facing farmers are making their products even more necessary in this special podcast. You can read more about the episode at Pig Progress.